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About Kitchen Kandy

Who We Are..,

Kitchen Kandy is a dynamic, boutique national specialist retail agency. We partner with our clientele of SDA manufacturers and distributors as their preferred outsource of all in store retail activations and executions. We collaborate, plan, co-ordinate and fully manage all our client’s in store retail activations and execution programs

  and WHAT we do..,

Kitchen Kandy’s culture and philosophy is connecting customers to the live brand experience as BRAND AMBASSADORS. Connecting customers to the brand experience via professional and personable LIVE demonstrations, with a focus on in-store “sell thru”. 

Our dedicated demonstration and visual merchandising retail services instantly connects a live “brand to customer” experience. Our Brand Ambassadors use the latest App technology collating all live in-store sales, activities, and customer feedback to our client’s dashboards

so, WHERE we do it..,

Kitchen Kandy works within major retailers across Australia, empowering our brand ambassadors to be engaging, informed and passionate sales resources for your brand. We can unlock and enhance the sales ability of each individual

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In-Store Product Demonstration

Product demonstration can be one of your best sales tools that creates interest and provides proof that your product does what it says.

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Product Launches & Events

Our consultants are specialists in demonstrating products in a retail environment. We can provide the correct approach and techniques to improve the success of your in-store demonstrations, Product Launches, and events.

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Store Bookings

Kitchen Kandy will manage all bookings with stores for product demonstrations. Our effective team management process means all statistics are recorded and someone will be there for you. We also assist with finding replacements if your dedicated ambassador can’t make it on the day.


In-Store Visual Merchandising

Making your product stand out from your competitors is important and visual merchandising, when done right, is a great way to achieve this.

Kitchen Kandy can assist with the installation of your custom designed anchor tenancy stands and larger visual merchandising props. 

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Demonstrator Team Management

Kitchen Kandy will ensure that the demonstrator team is managed effectively and efficiently.


Kitchen Kandy will manage the following:

• In-Store Activity Analysis

• Weekly Sales Reports via client App dashboard or manual reports

• Scheduling of our team for the program

• Store Bookings

• Budget & Forecasts


LIVE data analytics

KK has partnered with experienced local mobile app developers, providing our clients the best in-store retail activity, imagery and sales app technology that competes globally.

KK’s goal is to be instrumental to our client’s businesses, regardless of its budget, realising digital marketing strategies dramatically improve online content and social media branding, relay LIVE data , analyse retail channel activity, stock levels, relay LIVE customer engagement  and relatable LIVE content for reactive sales and market strategising. Capture LIVE customer engagement.

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